Keep Moving

We have done it. We have taken that step out for God and we are on the road of faith. Now we find ourselves in an uncomfortable place. We are just not sure what to do next. Let me tell you from experience, keep moving forward. I have been in many uncomfortable spots. Sometimes to the point of allowing the evil one to overwhelm me.

Always remember that God called you there for a reason. That reason may not be clear right now, but this is the time to hold tight to Him. Keep your relationship with the Lord strong. Take those steps with your head held high and do not let the evil one discourage you.

You were made to do great things. Designed for a purpose. The quicker you take that first step, the more fulfilling your relationship with the Lord will be. But it is not about just one step. It is a minute-by-minute walk. Yes, every second, every minute or every day, you need the Lord.

He wants to be by your side through the big stuff, the little stuff, the ordinary stuff, the mundane stuff – all of it. When we start living for God every minute, then our callings and His direction become clearer.

We may still not see the road ahead or know the reason why we are walking this road, but we trust in the One that does. That is enough. No matter your situation or circumstances at this very moment, do not give up, do not give in. Keep walking with God. Keep moving forward.

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