We all have a past. For some that past includes things that cause embarrassment or shame. Maybe the bad things in your past could write a book. Does your past keep you from service for the Lord? Does your past keep you from accepting Salvation?

Fortunately, our past is just that, it is in the past. We are different today than we were yesterday. I imagine right now you are saying, but you don’t know what has happened to me or what I have done. You are right, I don’t know.

What I do know is that God does not assign points to sin. He does not have a scale that shows that your sin is worse or better than my sin. Sin is sin in the eyes of the Lord. He is not willing to give up on you because of your sin.

When you look in the mirror do not see someone who is unredeemable. See someone that has a blank slate. Today is a new day and it is up to you what you get out of this day. Let yourself be loved by a God that loves you even when you think you are unlovable.

Let go of a past that is holding you back and walk into a future full of love and forgiveness. How do you do that? Realize that we have all sinned and are in need of a Savior. Know that God loved you enough to die on the cross for your sins. Humble yourself and pray seeking His forgiveness and open your heart to His love. Know that true believers in Christ will never let your past keep them from serving alongside you.

Do not let your past keep you from your service. Maybe your own community will not receive you, but there are other communities that would invite you in to share the word of the Lord. Jesus was not received in His hometown either. Do not let who you once were get in the way of who you can be in God. Keep moving forward and let the past stay in the past.

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