White As Snow

We recently had a winter storm. The snow fell and covered the ground. Snow is so white and when the sun hits it just right, so bright. It covers everything it touches.

This is such a picture of Jesus. He washes us as white as snow. Covers our multitude of sins with His love and shines brightly through us. The love of Jesus covers everything He touches.

While snow impacts our ability to go about our days, Jesus calls us into service for Him. Snow only lasts for a little while, but the love of Jesus is eternal. Snow only happens in cold weather, but we can serve Jesus every day.

If you have never trusted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, today is the day. Quiet your heart and pray asking Jesus to forgive your sins and open your heart to Him.

If you have never trusted Jesus to guide your life, today is the day. Find a place for prayer and turn your life over to His guidance and His path.

If you have never trusted Jesus with your service, today is the day. Pray for guidance and follow His promptings.

If you have strayed away from Jesus, today is the day to come home. His is waiting.

Nature reminds us that we have a God that loves us and wants the very best for our lives. All we have to do is stop and look around to see the beauty of the Lord.

Allow Jesus to wash you as white as snow and fill your life with His love.

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