Saul was chosen by the Lord to be the king over Israel. Saul ended up relying more on self than on God. He started listening to those around him instead of the Lord. It says in 1 Samuel 15 that the Lord regretted that he made Saul king over Israel.

When Samuel went to anoint a new king, he did not know what he would find. He came face to face with the youngest son of Jesse, David. David was in the fields keeping the sheep. David was a youth when he was anointed the next king of Israel. After David was anointed by Samuel, David went back to working. He could have been boastful about it, but he was not. He even went into service for Saul who was still king at that time.

David became Saul’s armor bearer and played music for Saul. David also tended to his father’s sheep when he was not working for Saul. The man who would become king humbled himself to service. The Spirit of the Lord was with David.

We have to remember that everything we have had, currently have or will have in the future is due to the grace of God. He provides all we need. He puts us in places where we can be of service to His plan.

If we decide that we can handle life on our own and do not need the Lord, you may end up like Saul. According to 1 Samuel 16, the Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul.

If we follow the Lord and only boast in what He has done and not we ourselves, our service matters. According to 1 Samuel 16:13 – the Spirit of the Lord rushed upon David from that day forward. What a statement that the Lord will be with us from this day forward.

Humble your heart in service to the Lord. Follow Him in everything.

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