There are days when the noise around you is so loud, it is hard to focus on God. Take a deep breath. We have all been there.

It is time to quiet our heart and listen. The world can be hustling and bustling around us, but we can find peace in the Lord. Focus is intentional. The word focus means the center of interest. You have to make a conscious decision to make God the center of your life.

We achieve that focus when we have a close relationship with God. We set aside time every day to pray, read our Bibles, study, write – whatever it is that keeps your relationship close. That brings our life back into focus. Then, we take on the day that stands before us.

When things get overwhelming, frustrating, or any other “ing” that takes your eyes off of God, we will be quick to realize that we have lost our focus.

Now, deep breath, close your eyes, quiet your heart and focus.

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