Whether you follow God or not, your life will change. I do not like the same things I did when I was a kid. I do not go to the same places I did as a kid. Life evolves and changes.

If you are not following God because you do not want your life to change, think back. Your life that you have right at this moment is not the same life you had before. Stores change. Traffic changes. People change.

If life is going to change anyway, then why not allow God to change your life. Life with God is a more fulfilled life. Change it not easy, I get it. To do something different than you have before, that takes work.

I would rather work in service to the Lord than coast through life. I would rather be uncomfortable than to know that someone who needed to see the light of Jesus missed out. I would rather change than miss out on a relationship with God.

Think about it. If you do not follow God, your life will change. If you do follow God, your life will change. Try changing your life with God. That change is good.

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