Paul was a hard worker. When he believed in something, he was zealous about his service. He was so devoted to his beliefs that he actively persecuted Christians. It took a Damascus Road conversion for his eyes to be opened to his sins. He was working so hard for God, he thought, but was never working with God. He was so focused in following the law that he could not see grace.

When every Christian was afraid of Paul, God saw his heart. He saw Paul’s desire to serve and to love. Paul was in need of a Savior. No matter what season of life you are in, God sees your heart and knows your situation. He is there to help you, if you will allow Him.

Paul immediately knew that it was the Lord speaking to him on the Damascus Road. He fell to the ground and addressed Him as Lord. Even though Paul was technically blind, his spiritual eyes were opened. He realized that he was walking the wrong path.

Paul did exactly as the Lord said and went to Damascus where he fasted for three days. I imagine that Paul was experiencing a myriad of emotions. Realizing the error of his ways also showed him what he had done to the Christians. He was probably a little concerned how he would be received now.

The love of God shined through as in Paul’s first meeting, he was addressed as Brother. The disciples greeted him and welcomed Paul. They fed and ministered to him. No one judged Paul for his past. They embraced him for his present and future walk with God.

After Paul left the disciples, he immediately began preaching Christ. He was zealous for the Lord and worked hard the remainder of his life telling others about Jesus. Paul was so faithful; he wrote thirteen books in the New Testament.

Paul’s life shows us that Lord will never stop loving you and desiring a relationship with you. You may think that you have walked too far in the wrong direction and cannot turn around and be of any service to God. That is absolutely not true. Do not wait until God brings you to a Damascus Road conversion to turn around.

Today is the day of redemption. God is waiting.

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