No Matter What

Most of us know about Daniel and the lions’ den, but Daniel’s life is much more than that moment. Daniel walked with God. As a young man, he was taken into captivity. That would be enough for most of us to sit down and quit serving the Lord. Daniel continued to worship the Lord.

Daniel worked his way into prominent positions in the government under several different kings. He continually distinguished himself among the other authorities in the kingdom. This was all because he found grace with the Lord. Daniel continued to serve in the face of adversity. He did not hide his faith or his service.

He took a stand from the beginning asking for a change in his and the other captive’s meals. Daniel did not want to defile himself with abundance from the king. He chose to remain faithful. In the face of whatever food and drink he could have imagined, Daniel stayed true to his beliefs.

Daniel did not keep his gifts and talents to himself. He could have chosen to not help the kings and heads of government. They were the ones holding him captive. Daniel stayed humble taking no personal credit for his visions and dream interpretations.

Daniel served under four different kings. His captivity lasted approximately seventy years. Throughout that time, Daniel stayed faithful to the Lord. No matter his circumstances, no matter his situation.

There are so many moments in our lives when the obstacle in front of us seems insurmountable. With God by our side, the obstacles disappear. The bad times are better.

In a world full of evil and hate, be a Daniel. No matter what.

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