Til the End

Noah walked with God. What a statement. I strive for that, to walk with God every day. Like in the life of Noah, walking with God is not an easy road. God told Noah to build an ark. Not because there was a need for an ark building business, but because the people saddened the Lord. God was sorry that He had made man. But when He looked upon Noah, Noah found grace.

As the Lord looks upon the earth today, what do you think He sees? When He looks upon you, will you find grace in the eyes of the Lord? Will He be saddened by what He sees? He does see you, whether you want Him to or not. He longs for a relationship with you and for you to walk with Him.

Now, Noah set out to do at the Lord commanded. Studies differ as to how long it took to make the ark, but between the time Noah was told to build the ark and the time he stepped on board was approximately one hundred years.

Looking at the life of Noah, would we be faithful to complete the tasks that the Lord commanded for the next hundred years? I am sure that Noah dealt with a lot of people standing against him as he worked for the Lord. The world was full of evil and did not want to see the Lord’s work prevail. But Noah was faithful to complete this task. Even though, at times, he stood alone. He endured the stumbling blocks, the wavering, and pressed forward.

We can learn a lot from the life of Noah. In our service, we get frustrated. In our walk, we fall over the stumbling blocks. Noah never gave up and neither should we. We have to get back up and keep on track for God. One day a life that you touched will tell your story – because of you, they saw the love of Christ.

I know this life is not easy and there are times where we will stand alone. Walk with God and remain faithful until the end.

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