Change of Priorities

Lydia was mentioned as a seller of purple cloth. What we know about purple cloth was that purple was only worn by the wealthy. This was a lucrative trade. Lydia was an intelligent businesswoman. She worked hard to make a life for herself and a good reputation. Then one day her heart was opened when she heard Paul and Silas.

After her heart was opened, she immediately told her whole family. Then, they were all baptized. Lydia’s heart was on fire for the Lord and she went to work serving the Lord. Her first act of service was to invite Paul and Silas to her home. When Paul and Silas were in prison, Lydia visited them and attended to their needs.

Lydia still worked hard and attended to her family, but she made room in her life for her service to the Lord. She was not too busy to share the gospel and take time for hospitality. Lydia discovered a new purpose. She and her family changed their perspective knowing that everything they had belonged to the Lord.

Lydia’s life shows us that you can have a career, family and service. Maybe we have to change our perspective or priorities to see the difference we can make in the world. Maybe it just takes a heart on fire and a willing servant.

We can be the change we want to see in the world. Take the first step.

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