Open Heart

Most parts of our day, we enter having already predetermined how things will go. We walk into work thinking it will be a bad day and then we are not surprised when our day goes bad. We walk into Church thinking that there is nothing for us there and we are not surprised when we are right.

Think about the difference if we had walked into these circumstances with an open heart. We were excited about what the day had to offer us and did not have it all planned out.

Opening our heart does not mean that we will not experience heartache or disappoint. It simply means that we will not miss out on the good. Maybe your circumstances at work are not the best, you can still have a good day. Maybe you are struggling in your relationship with God, you can still worship at Church.

Whether we are gathering with friends or attending a family function, open your heart to the possibilities. God has something for us each day. He has a plan for every step of your life. Do not miss out on your blessings because of your circumstances.

Allow God to change hearts and minds starting with you.

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