Have you ever thought about what you put your eyes through on a daily basis? Everything you do, you depend on your eyes. When the lights go out and everything is dark, then the sight is taken away. How do you walk then? We rely on our other senses to get us where we need to go. Maybe we put our hands out and try to feel our way. Maybe we picture our route in our mind and walk it from memory. Maybe we trust in the Lord and allow Him to guide our walk.

We tend to put our faith in what we can see. We like things that are tangible. We like to see where we are going. We like to watch our feet so we do not fall.

When we follow God, we do not see the road ahead. We do not know the plan. We cannot watch our feet. We have to completely accept our future on faith.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. We can no longer rely on our eyes to carry us through. We trust completely in the Lord to guide our lives. To walk us down the road of faith.

This might make you uncomfortable – just keep walking. This might take you out of your normal routine – just keep walking. Quit focusing on what you can see and focus on what you cannot.

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