Full Picture

When we look at a situation or person, we do not see the full picture. We only see part of the story.

We tend to judge or make assumptions based on what we can see. We miss out on getting to know people or being blessed by circumstances all because we think we know the story.

Have you ever stopped to wonder what people think of you? If they have judged you based on what little they can see. What can be seen really is not your story, it is just the beginning paragraph of your life. How many great books we would have all missed out on reading if we had quit at the first paragraph!

Although we cannot control what other people believe, we have control over what we believe. We see a small snapshot of a life, but God sees the big picture. If we look at everyone and remember that this person is someone that God loves, then it is easier for us to love them too.

If we look at the situation in front of us and automatically assume that the tasks are insurmountable, then we quit before we have even begun our journey. Do not miss out on the blessings in life just because you cannot see the full picture.     

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