This is one of my favorite verses. I love what it says, what it promises. Not just in the bad times to see you through, but on the mountain top too.

For I know the plans I have for you – what a comforting thought to know that the Creator is in control no matter what happens and He has plans for your life if you will yield to the spirit. I am a very driven person. I used to have my life all planned out on my phone. It would tell me where I needed to be for everything in life, but with everything planned out there is no room to allow the spirit to guide your life.   

Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. The flesh side has a desire to be in control. We spend so much time planning out our futures so that we will be prosperous, this verse is a good reminder that all of our planning is worthless – our Savior already has a plan to prosper us if we would just listen, trust and obey.

Plans to give you hope and a future. What an awesome statement. That is what the whole world is looking for and Christians have – hope. God desires that all, that means everyone, would come to know Him as their personal Savior. That we would have hope, hope of a future spent with our Heavenly Father.

The only Jesus some people will ever see is a Christian. Be their hope, show them the love of Christ so that they can have a hope for the future.

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