A Life with Purpose

Your life has purpose. You are chosen. You are loved. You are set apart. You are appointed.

So much of the time, we walk through this life trying to find meaning. But all along, we have had a life with purpose. We have an audience of One. He walks with us through this life. God has your path ready; He is just waiting on you to step up and start living.

Yes, there will be times of struggles. There will also be times of great joy. Trust in the plan and keep walking. There will be points where you cannot see the road ahead. Keep walking.

God chose you for this plan. You are the only person who can complete it. God loves you enough to want the very best for your life. You may not see it, but He is working everything out. In order to complete this journey, you will need to fully rely on God and keep walking.

Wake up every day and live this life on purpose. Whatever you do throughout the day, whether word or deed, do it for the Lord. That is a life well lived.

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