Big Picture

We have those days, months, years where it seems that our current situation is trying to break us. We have bent as far as we feel is humanly possible and cannot see relief. When those times comes, I always think about the big picture. Looking beyond my current hardship to focus on the blessings in life.

Sometimes it is easy to be shortsighted and only see what is currently happening in the moment. I call that not seeing past my nose. When life gets you down, you have to make the conscious effort to look further and see the positive.

Satan will try everything to get you to not work for the Lord. The hits will come, but it is what you do in that moment that makes the difference. We can look at our current situation, sit down and quit working. Now is the time to readjust and refocus. Then, get back up and keep walking.

If we never look beyond what is currently in front of us, we will miss out. I recently had surgery and once I focused on the big picture, my eyes were opened to an entire hospital full of blessings. Everything shifted and it was such a positive experience complete with a pre-op rendition of Victory in Jesus. If I had only focused on my current situation, I would have missed the opportunity to show the love of Jesus to those at the hospital.

You may be being pressed in on every side right now. You may think that you cannot bend any farther. Look beyond right this moment. See God at work in your life. Look for the blessings around you. Refocus and know that no matter the situation or circumstance, God’s got this.

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