Until The Whole World Hears

Over the years, we have told a few people about the love of Christ and the difference He can make in their lives. Granted there will never be a way to know the extent of the people your words have or will have touched. Each step in your path has a purpose. That purpose may never fully be revealed this side of heaven.

This road is not about commercial successes or name recognition. It is about the name above all names – Jesus Christ. It is about a world that is looking for someone to fill the void in their lives. About a world that is hurting and in need of healing. It is about a hope and a future. About the promise of eternity.

We all have different gifts and talents, use yours to bring hope. Whether that is an act of kindness, writing, speaking, traveling, posting – God designed each talent to reach people. You have the tools you need to be a spokesperson for Jesus. Yes, I am talking to you!

The world is ready. The choice is yours. For me, I will not stop telling others about Jesus until the whole world hears. I pray that you will join me on this journey and spread the love of Jesus today and every day.

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