Unity is not a word used often enough. We unite for a brother or sister in need. We unite in times of trouble. But most of the time, we stand divided. Whether it is our beliefs, education, social standing, etc. we put up these invisible walls and dig a moat. We make our stand on our island.

We have these preconceived ideas about what people are like and so we choose to stay inside the barrier instead of getting to know people. If you would climb over that wall, you would see that we are not that different.

I spent a time traveling to different Churches and it was so fun getting to be part of their worship. I saw so many different styles of worship, but they all had the same goal – worshipping God. Different, yet the same.

I have listened to different Pastors preach the Word. Different levels of education. Different styles of preaching. Same goal – tell others about Jesus. Different, yet the same.

I have gathered together with others from different walks of life and though characteristics make us different one thing remains the same – the desire, the longing for something greater than ourselves. To fill that void inside us and make us complete.

We are way more alike than different. Just stop and think for one second how great it would be to all live in unity. For all Christians to unite together towards our common goal – to reach people for Jesus. What a glorious day that would be.

We would be doing exactly what God calls us to do. So the next time you want to throw up a wall or live on an island, remember that we are one brotherhood united in service and love so let’s start acting like it.

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