But God

We see what is right in front of us, but God sees the entire road ahead. We focus on the here and now, but God focuses on the entire plan for our lives. We are surrounded by our circumstances and do not see a way out, but God has already made the way.

As people we tend to think small – what I need or feel right now, in this moment. God is always at work around us, even when we cannot see or do not understand. We spend so much time frustrated by our current circumstances that, at times, we miss out. We do not see the blessings. We cannot see the signs. We are not listening for direction.

We have flown right by where we were supposed to have stopped or turned. Then, we find ourselves off of the pathway that God has laid out for us and we have to course correct to get on.

Where you are currently is not the end. What you are going through right now will not last forever.

Hold tight to God and focus on Him. He is the answer to every question.

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