Silence is not always golden. There are times in our lives when we do not hear from God. These times can become frustrating and we can feel a little lost. Rest assured that God has not left you. His silence could be for a variety of reasons. Maybe He is waiting on you. Think back to the last thing you were supposed to do. Did you complete it? If not, then start there. Were you so busy that you missed the call from God? Quiet your heart and listen. Maybe you received the answer, but it was not what you wanted it to be. Here is your crossroads, will you accept God’s will for your life or will you try living the way you want to live.

In the silence, we can still find peace. A peace that only comes from God. That peace is achieved by keeping that close relationship with Him. Even though God might be silent in your life right now, you still need to continue in prayer, meditating on His word, studying, reading and serving.

God’s timing is perfect. Remember that He wants the best for your life. Do not settle for anything less. If you are currently waiting, there is a reason. Take this opportunity to grow your relationship, to allow God to continue to mold you and continue to praise Him.

Find solace in silence knowing that He always has a plan.

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