Year of Revival

This year has already got me. I am hooked! God is working and so many things are happening. I am excited just to get to be a part of His master plan.

I am claiming this year as the year of revival. We are only a week in and we are seeing hearts changed and the Spirit moving. I have seen so many people excited for a new year.

Time to brush off what is holding you back and stand firm in the faith. Whatever it is that keeps you from serving the Lord, put it down. You have path to walk. If revival is going to happen, it starts with you. This revival will never work if we keep putting off our service.

Take that step of faith. God’s got you and God’s got this. He is right there waiting for you, hand outstretched. Come on, you can do it! Turn that spark into a flame and allow God to set your soul afire. Join us on this journey.

This will be a year to remember. This will be a year of firsts and changes. Yes, some of that may be outside of our comfort zones, but great things never happen inside of comfort zones anyway. Truly great things will happen.

God is ready. I am ready. Revival starts today. Let’s go!

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