I have a plan and my plan makes perfect sense. I know what God said, but this is practical and can happen now. This must be the right thing to do.

I imagine that this is how Sarai rationalized in her mind about giving her handmaid Hagaar to her husband Abram. She had to justify her actions as aligning with God’s plan in order to convince her husband that this was the right thing to do.

We tend to jump out ahead of God instead of waiting on Him. If God does not answer our prayers in our timing, then we decide what He meant and do that or we determine that He is too busy and we need to take care of it ourselves. And this is where the trouble begins.

If we want His best (and we should) then we have to wait on Him. Waiting is not fun. Who likes to sit in traffic? Or in line? No one! We are an instant gratification society. We can get anything we want with the touch of a button. We can order something and have it delivered today.

God is not an instant answer. In the Bible, it says that a thousand years is one day to God. He does not rush. He never gets in a hurry. His timing is perfect. We have to be patient and wait for His timing. He is not too busy to answer your prayers – He hears you.

We have to change our view of waiting. Waiting can be beautiful. Waiting can be productive. Waiting can produce patience. Continue to serve in your waiting. Continue to grow in God. Continue to look for the moldable opportunities. Allow God to open your eyes to the beauty in waiting.

Like Sarai, we may have to wait years to see God’s promise fulfilled, but if we trust in the Lord, we will wait.

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