Walk A Mile

We have all been there. Standing in line waiting on the person in front of us to finish up…getting frustrated at why it’s taking so long.

Have you ever stopped to wonder what that person’s story is? Is she a single Mom trying to count the price of everything to see if she has enough money? Is he a senior citizen whose eye sight is not what it used to be and he cannot seem to find his money? We all have a story.

That person that just cut you off on the highway might have a sick kid at home and she was just trying to get there and did not see you. We all have those days.

Stop and think about the other person for just a moment. Some people are doing good just trying to hold everything together and a complete stranger will either make the situation better or worse. It does not cost you anything to be kind. You might be the only good thing to happen in someone’s day.

Think before you react and walk a mile through someone else’s day.

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