Blessings Taken For Granted

There are days that I forget that every day is a gift from God. We get so caught up in this thing called life, we miss all the small blessings we receive each day.

The beautiful morning sky, coffee at the office, someone to say good morning and give you a smile, a sweet note from a coworker, a lunch date, a gorgeous sunset, a family waiting at home, or a good meal at suppertime are just a few examples. What a wonderful God we serve that He loves us enough to pour out blessings in our lives.

Blessings we take for granted. It is easy for us to get so busy, we walk around blinded because we are focused on the task ahead. Not really taking the time to look around at the beauty of the life God has given us.

If tomorrow it was all gone, we would see then and we would realize what a blessing each thing was in our lives. Do not wait until that point to see the blessings. Do not put off being thankful for every day that we wake up. A day to breathe in this life that we have been given and a day to tell someone about Jesus.

Today is a gift.

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