What Have We Learned

I do not understand this world. I guess I’m really not supposed to. Why would anyone turn down a God that loves them and wants what is best for them? It makes my heart hurt that there are those out there that do not get to experience a relationship with God. He is love and He makes loving others so easy. He gives me a burden to help others and the feeling I get from doing that is indescribable. Because of the relationship I have with God, I want others to have the same thing.

What have I learned?

People have free will. Even though I do not understand it, God gave each person the right to choose or deny Him and I have to accept that.

Planting the seed. All we can do is to present the opportunity, plant the seed. God gives the increase.

Prayer works. When I cannot reach people, God can.

Time is essential. You cannot rush your service for the Lord. It will all happen in His timing.

God’s love is everlasting. He is so gracious and loving towards those of us that do not deserve it.

The best laid plans. Our plans do not seem to work out like God’s plans. Following His plans is always best.

Thank you God for continuing to teach and mold every one of us. Keep giving us burdens for others and help us to continue planting seeds for You.

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