Christmas Heart

Christmas is all about the heart. Through the heart, we have hope. Through the heart, we have love.

Christmas is hard for people. It reminds them of what they do not have. A loved one that has passed from this life, a family that is fractured, an empty table. Somehow the holidays tend to highlight what is missing rather than what we have.

We have a Savior that loves us with an agape love. He willing left His home to walk amongst us and die so we would have the opportunity to spend eternity with Him in Heaven.

We have hope through Jesus Christ. That hope is the free gift of salvation.

We have a family. We are sons and daughters of God and have brothers and sisters in Christ.

We have a God that desires to walk with us every step of our day. We will never be lonely walking with God.

We have a full heart, filled with love for God and love for others.

We have peace that surpasses all understanding no matter the circumstances in our lives.

This year, we choose to change how we see holidays. We choose to focus on what we have. We choose to honor the birth of our Savior. We choose to remember His sacrifice for us. We choose to have a Christmas heart.

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