Love Came Down

What a beautiful statement. Love came down. Love came to earth, born as a baby, as a sacrifice for the entire world. Jesus loves us so much that He willingly left His Father, came to earth, lived a humble life, owned nothing, was treated terribly, beaten, marred and hung on a cross to die.

Love came down. God loves us so much that He allowed all of that to happen to His Son. All of it could have been stopped at any time. They could have determined that we were not worth the sacrifices. Jesus could have called down angels. But they did not. That is how much you are loved. Jesus gave everything He had until water came out to have a relationship with you. For you to have a chance to accept the free gift of salvation. To spend eternity with Him in Heaven.

A love like that is indescribable. A love like that deserves honor. I honor His sacrifice by knowing that there are more people in this world that are searching and waiting to hear about Jesus and the difference He can make in their lives. If I know this, then I am compelled to tell. I will happily spend the rest of my life telling others about Jesus because of His love for me.

This Christmas remember that love came down for you. If you have never accepted salvation, it is my prayer that today would be that day. There is no better gift than eternal life.

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