Not Just Another Christmas

This time of year is so busy. We spend more money than we should, eat more than we should and get our feelings hurt more than we should. We just cannot wait for Christmas to be over! The commercialized side of Christmas leaves us so empty and exhausted. Whether we planned for fifty people or just one, the mental strain of Christmas is the same. It is time to stand up and declare that this will NOT be just another Christmas!

We need to refocus on our Heavenly Father and quiet our hearts. Christmas is a day to celebrate the birth of our Savior. It is a time to reflect on the sacrifice that Jesus made for the entire population of the world. What other King would leave his throne to sacrifice himself for you? Jesus did that. What other Lord would be marred more than any man because He loves you? Jesus did that.

This is not just another holiday. This is Christmas! Let’s change the word celebrate to honor – this is a day to honor the birth of our Savior. To honor the sacrifice that He made for you and me. To honor the love that He has for the whole world. How do you honor sacrifice and love? Commit to making this Christmas less about you and more about Him.

What would Jesus do this Christmas? He would love others. He would help those in need. He would spend time with His Father. How does that translate into our lives? Show others love and mercy, find a way to give back, start new traditions, and the list goes on. Find a way to make Jesus the center of your celebrations this year.

This is not just another Christmas. 

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