Heart Service

I have heard people say the they wasted too much time at church or spent too much time following religion, but those statements mean these people were let down by man. They were hurt by the people who were supposed to love them unconditionally.   

I have never heard someone say that they spent too much time in prayer or spent too much time with God.  

I used to be what I call a carnal Christian. I served God with my mind and not my heart. I looked at my service as work and volunteered for every position possible thinking my amount of work would show my faith. Soon, I found myself too busy and dropped out of everything. I was left defeated and confused.       

I did not seek God. I did not serve with my heart. The only regret I have now is that I did not develop my relationship with God sooner.

My service now is not work. It is service and I want to serve. My heart longs to help a broken world heal through the love of Jesus.

Seek God and serve Him with your heart. It will never be a waste.

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