Impossible – Possible

We live in a world full of impossible. People who believe in I can’t. We serve a God who can. Who makes the impossible, possible.

Think about Noah building the ark. There was no logical reason to build an ark. It had never rained. He did not have the ability to build an ark on his own. Then there were his friends and family. I’m sure they were not encouraging through his building the ark.

But Noah did it anyway. He did not focus on the impossible task set before him. He did not focus on the negativity he received from every direction. Instead, he focused on God. He listened to God’s call on his life. He allowed God to work through him to build an ark.

Noah did not see the future. He did not know the magnitude of what God was going to do. He only knew that everything is possible with God. That what we cannot do, God can do through us. Aren’t you glad that Noah listened and obeyed God? Can you imagine the difference in the world if he had not and his family perished in the flood along with all the animals?    

In this world of doubt, fear and negativity, be a Noah. Stand out from the crowd. Take a stand for God no matter what anyone else says.  

The world is in darkness and they are searching. Be the light pointing the way to Jesus. Show the world that true happiness and peace is possible. Show them the impossible and turn can’ts into cans.

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