I love clocks. Actually, I collect clocks. For me, there is something very peaceful about the tone of a clock. Most of the clocks in my collection are antiques and there’s a story that goes with each one. I love history. It was my favorite subject in school and I still am fascinated with historical items today. However, one clock is fairly new. My wonderful husband bought me this clock a few years back. It quickly became one of my favorites. This clock has chimes and on the hour, it is set to play a song and those chimes sound like church bells. What sweet music. Listening to my favorite hymns by bells.

There is something so special about music that opens our hearts to worship. It speaks to us. We laugh, cry, raise our hands, or sing along to a song. We worship our Heavenly Father through song. Not everyone is going to like the same type of music and that’s okay. Being different is part of what makes us special. We should celebrate those differences.

I am so glad that Christian music has expanded into different genres. We might not all like traditional hymns, southern gospel, rap, instrumental, praise and worship, or hard rock, but it is all for the glory of God. These artists have followed their calling and I am so thankful that our choice in Christian music can now be as unique as we are.

Maybe you do not like the Church bells and that is ok. I promise I will not force you to listen, but it warms my heart when I hear them.

God knows our heart. God know our needs. God desires to have a close relationship with us.

One way to stay close to God is through music – worship.     

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