Today is a new day. When you woke up this morning what were your first thoughts?

Did you grumble because you woke up and had to go to a job you hate?

Did you press the snooze and bargain for 5 more minutes?

Did you jump out of bed excited to see what this day held?

Did you wake up thanking God for another day?

To me, it is all about perspective. Each day that God gives us is a new day. It is up to us how we use our time that day. Do we use it to glorify God or ourselves?

There are days that I grumble at the busyness of life and get caught up in my “to do list”. It takes a “nudge” from God to realize that I have let my life control me instead of me controlling my life.

Stop for just a second and breathe….this day that the Lord created is a gift.

It is a new beginning.

It is a fresh start.

It is a second chance.

This day is what YOU make of it. A gift given to you by God. What are you going to do with it?

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