I was raised to believe that a person’s word was there bond. Basically, that meant that you were a person of character if you stood behind your words. Your “yes” meant yes. You stood for values and principles that have long since been forgotten. My Grandmother would tell stories of her childhood where all of the family rose before the sun and everyone pitched in to complete chores and work the land. They did not quit until the job was done. If it was a big job, then all of the neighbors came together and worked the field until the crops were harvested. Then, they moved onto the next neighbor that needed help.

There was a time when community meant something. Everybody came together for meals, church services, fundraisers and when someone was down on their luck, well, the whole community helped out. They took them food, offered them a place to stay, watched their children and helped in their fields. It was the way of life.

Most of us do not even know our neighbors, we may not have even met them. We are so busy that we rarely see when someone is struggling. Now, we are usually the first people in line at the pie auctions opening our wallets to help out. But people need people. They need that sense of belonging. They need to know someone cares. They need to know that they are not alone.

I can tell you about Jesus and His love every day from now until He returns, but if I do not show others the love of Jesus, my words are empty. If I serve the Lord on Sunday and then do whatever I want the other six days of the week, my service is empty.

Where is our love? We get frustrated if we have to wait five minutes in line for our food. Where is our charity? We look down our noses at those we feel are not dressed correctly. Have we become the clanging cymbal?

We are a community of believers brought together by a loving God. We need to start looking at others through the eyes of Jesus. It is time to walk the road of faith and realize that God loves everyone and He expects us to love them too.

Now is time to come together in unity. Our neighbors need us.

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