I love the song Sanctuary. It is so fitting.

Have you listened to the words – Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary.

What does that really mean? Prepare me for Your Word You want me to receive. Ready my heart to be open to your message even if it is not the one that I wanted, it is the one I need. Clean me up and make me a fit vessel for your service. Get rid of anything in my life that keeps me from serving you.

How many times do we really sit down and turn ourselves over to what God wants for us, not what we want for ourselves? Do we ever pray for His will in our lives and really mean it? Have we ever inconvenienced our lives to do what God wants done?

We get so busy that we fit prayer into our schedule when it is convenient or when things are not going our way. We ask God to change things to make life easier for us. We only seek God when things are hard. We ask God to clear our path for our plans, not His.

We need to set aside a time every day to be a sanctuary for the Lord, to really listen and receive the message God has for us and truly be ready to change and bend to His will.

Are you ready? Service starts now.

Lord prepare me!

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