Get Real

Have you noticed that when you ask someone how they are doing, most of the time, they give you the standard answer “fine”. Why do we do that? Why do we not share our struggles with others? Why do we not ask for prayer or support?

I think it is because we think that people really do not want to know how we are doing; they are just being nice in asking. We think that they want the standard answer so they can move on to the next person in line.

Then there is the other standard saying – “If there’s anything you need, just call” and people do not call because they do not think you really mean it. These are the standard polite sayings.

People think they need to say “How are you” “I’m praying for you” “If you need anything, let us know”, as a way to be polite or make conversations.

It is time to get real with people. It is time to stop being polite and look beyond the smile into the eyes of the person speaking so that they know you hear them. Their words matters. Their trials and struggles are important. They are supported.

Do not ask the question unless you are ready for the answer. People get real and start answering the questions. How can we lift each other up if we are not willing to share our struggles? Let people in. Allow them to pray for you right there. Allow them to support you.

Let us rejoice and weep together.

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