Be Kind….Always

Ever met someone who is smiling and cheerful? Being around them you cannot help but be cheerful too.

What if the whole world was cheerful and smiling? What a different world we would live in.

I think we all falter on this one at time. Something bad happens in our day and immediate our face tells on us. Our entire mood and demeanor changes. Since we know this happens, we need to make an effort to prevent it.

How do we do that? We recognize our faults and when something bad happens, we make the conscious effort to not let it get us done. Get behind me satan! Then walk away from the situation. Immediately reach for God and alone Him to calm you.

Jesus says to be kind to one another, to love your neighbor, and to build others up.

I challenge everyone reading this, yes that means you, to do one nice thing for someone each day. That could be opening the door for others, smiling at the cashier, saying thank you.

What you do is between you and God, the point is go out there and be kind. Begin today – day one and make it count.

Join the kindness movement and spread the love of Jesus to the world!

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