Thank You

I could never thank the Lord enough for everything He has done for me. I talk all the time about being blessed, but when I go to Him in prayer do I tell Him how thankful I truly am? Most of the time when we pray, we are lifting up petitions for others, praying for the state of souls and this world, but we forget to just love on God.

He loves us all the time. We feel that love in our relationship with Him. Should we not give love back? Showing love and adoration in prayer, recognizing who God is, His complete sovereignty. Then, thank Him. Even for the small things.

Thank you Lord for waking me up this morning. For giving me another day on this earth. I will strive to use this day to serve You and to tell others about Jesus.

Thank you Lord that I have a Church home and I get to go to Church. So many people long for the opportunity to fellowship with other believers and I am thankful that I get this opportunity to recharge to face the new week ahead. I will strive to serve others in my Church and play an active role in my Church.

Thank you Lord for never giving up on me. You are patient with my rebellion and still work to mold me into the Christian You know I can be. I will not take these opportunities for granted.

Thank you Lord for not giving up on our world. You still see the good and know that there are people out there waiting to hear Your voice. Waiting on Christians to come talk to them so they can get saved. I will strive to be one of those voices, telling others about Jesus.

Thank you Lord for sending Your Son to die for my sins. Through His sacrifice a way was made so that everyone has an opportunity to spend eternity with You. I pray I will never take this sacrifice for granted.

Thank you Lord for choosing me. You have blessed me with gifts and talents and a calling meant just for me. You handpicked me for a purpose. I will strive each day to use my gifts and talents in service to You and continue to answer the call.

Thank you Lord for loving me. Even when I feel unlovable, You are there. I will strive to love others like You love me.

Thank you Lord for walking through this life with me. I have purpose through my service and a closer relationship with You. This is truly life more abundantly. I will strive to always walk down this road of faith allowing You to guide my every step.

I could truly go on with my list of thank yous. Make you a list and take it to the Lord in prayer. Not asking for anything, just thanking Him and loving Him. What a difference two words can make.

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