Give Me Jesus

There is nothing like the love of God. When you are filled with the Spirit, there is not another feeling like it. Nothing comes close in comparison. The love of God is awe-inspiring. It moves you to compassion for others. It compels you to act.

What an honor and privilege it is to be loved by Jesus. Start your morning out in prayer with God, the one who loves you unconditionally. Start your day on the right path. That sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Then talk to Him throughout the day. Nothing says you can only have one prayer a day. Jesus wants to have a close relationship with you. That means you have to communicate. Our line of communication is prayer.

I am humbled by a God that loves me so much He made a way for me to spend eternity with Him. I will spend the rest of my life walking with Him.  

My heart longs to talk to Him twenty-four hours a day. I want to be moved by the Spirit seven days a week. My desire is to be loved by Jesus three hundred sixty-five days a year.

There is no question for me – give me Jesus.

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