Tip of the Tongue

Once the words come out of your mouth or are typed on social media you cannot take them back. The damage has already been done. Feelings are hurt, witness is shadowed, regret sets in. Even if you apologize, it does not erase what was said or take away the memory of the hurt.

So many times we forget that Christians are the only Jesus some people will ever see. Does our life and our social media reflect the love of Christ? How can we show love to a lost and hurting world?

I get it, we all want to be right. Someone says something inaccurate and we feel the need to respond. Sometimes peace is better than being right. Yes, there are a lot in instances where we need to keep those words on the tip of our tongue.

If it leads to an argument, if it is not productive, if it does not show love, if it does not reflect Christ – should we even continue on this path? No matter how right or justified we are, if it ruins our witness, is it worth it?

We all slip up and we all make mistakes, we are human and it is going to happen, but if we can prevent just a small portion of that, are we not better for it.

God is gracious to help us through these times if we will let Him and to keep those words on the tip of our tongues.

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