Waiting for Service

My heart wants to change this world. It wants everyone to come to know the love of Jesus Christ. In order to do that, I have to show others God’s love. Without love, there is no cross, no sacrifice for sins, no way made. Love is the cornerstone of faith.

If we have love and the burden to reach others, then we need time. Time is a precious commodity these days. Time to disciple, time to pray, time to learn, time to grow. We need to devote time to God and to others. Make a plan, put it in your calendar and stick to it. Pretty soon, it will become routine and you will find that you always had plenty of extra time to serve God.

Now, that we have love, faith, burden, and time – we need to start serving. This is where the plan meets reality. Faith in action. You can do this. God is right there, waiting. One foot in front of the other. Open your mouth, plant your feet and start your journey.

There are people waiting. Waiting to hear about the love of Jesus. Waiting and searching for a Savior.

Waiting on you.

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