Run the Race

I admire long distance runners. They make a long term commitment to their passion. They train and endure and train some more. They lay aside all distractions and focus on the task again. All for that moment in time all of the training and passion collides to run their race. When the race is over and they have crossed that finish line, then it is back to training for the next race.

How would this translate into the life of a Christian? God has a plan for our lives. He has a race set before us. We must lay aside temptations and focus on the Lord. Serving God is a commitment, a long term commitment that requires endurance. We must train and prepare by reading His word, praying and spending time with God every day.

We will have setbacks, we will stumble and sometimes we will fall, but what matters is what you do next. Like the runner, we get back up and press on towards the goal.

It does not matter what season of life you are currently in; God has a plan for your life. You just have to be willing to follow Him. Step on that path and experience life at its fullest.

It is time to refocus on your Heavenly Father and get ready to run your race.

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