Most of us have been hurt so deeply that it has changed our perception of people. Changed how we interact with others. Some of us have felt loss so deep that it aches to our very core. We walk around with these emotional scars that no one takes the time to notice are there. We have to take the steps to realize and acknowledge the condition of our hurting and not allow it to separate us from God.

In this life, there will be heartache and pain. We cannot escape that. Jesus is the difference maker. He alone can heal our broken places. This is the time to lean on Him, not to walk away. So many times, the hurt and pain become overwhelming and we run away from it or bury it down deep inside so that we do not have to deal with it.

It is difficult to walk through pain and heartache. For me, walking through it with God is the only way. He is the healer and giver of peace. Do not run away. Stay with Jesus. When you are ready, get up and walk with Jesus. He will guide you through.

Life has knocked me down so many times, but every time God has been there to help me up and walk me through the heartache. The emotional scars are there – I am not the same person I was before, but I have been made whole through Jesus Christ.

He is waiting to do the same for you. Allow Him into your life today and hold tight to His word and His promises.

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