As Christians, we all face dilemmas in our work for the Lord.

We are asked to serve on this committee – yes!

Teach this class – yes! Lead this ministry – yes!

Cook this meal – yes, yes, yes!

Then we blink and we are so busy that everything we have signed up to do suffers, our family suffers, and we wonder what is wrong with us.

Is this what service to God is all about?

No. God wants you to use your talents to further His Kingdom, but He wants to be part of everything you do to serve Him. Sometimes we get so caught up in serving that we forget to include God. What is service for the Lord if the Lord is not involved? So how do we serve the right way?

Seek His will and guidance and if He says no, do not feel guilty – He has someone else in mind for that task and if you take it, then not only are you taking someone else’s blessing, but you are also outside of the will of God for your life.

Let God schedule your life and everything will turn out perfect – just the way He planned it.

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