Uncomfortable Places

I do not know anyone that enjoys being uncomfortable. I do not know anyone that enjoys facing their fears.

My walk with God this past month has been just that. I have faced so many obstacles head on. Walked through circumstances that left me shaky.

Each time I saw this moldable opportunity. Each situation brought growth and security. Every time I took a step, God was right there. Every twist and turn. Every triumph and disappointment. God was right there.

We tend to like routine. We go to the same places, drive the same route, talk to the same people. We rarely want to try new things or go new places. When we are comfortable, we do not hold onto our relationship with God tightly. When we are uncomfortable or facing our fears, we grab on and do not let go. He is our life preserver and we know that we cannot walk through this situation without Him.

There are times, God will push us outside of comfortable places to grow our relationship with Him. There are times when this world will get us down, where evil will try to knock us down, hold tightly to the Lord. He is there ready to walk you through this time in your life.

I am not the person I was four weeks ago. With God by my side, I will continue on my journey walking through this life with Him.

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