What If

Have you ever thought “what if?” What would you put next to the what if? What are the what ifs in a life with God?

What if I did what God is calling me to do?

What if I talked with this person today about a life with God?

What if I did not put off my service for the Lord?

What if I quit making excuses and started going to church?

What if I served with my church family?

What if I quit denying God and accepted Him in my life?

What would happen if we quit the what ifs and just did it? Take the words “what if” off of all of the above sentences and what do you get – I did it. Turn your what ifs into I dids.

The opportunity to work and serve and accept salvation is today. Once today is gone, you cannot get it back, then it is tomorrow and once tomorrow is gone, that one will not come back either. Quit watching your days just roll by and start living them!

Each day is a gift – you have twenty-four hours given to you by God. It is up to us what we do with them. Do not end your day thinking what if you had done something. Jump in and do it!

Are you ready?

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