Pray Without Ceasing

Three little words, but such a big impact.

When trials overcome us, they are the first words on our lips.

When bad news shakes our foundation, it is always the answer.

So what does pray without ceasing really mean? It does not mean that we only seek God during the bad times. We should seek God each and every day.

A relationship and closeness to the Lord means an open line of communication – open dialogue, each and every day communing with the spirit. We should all have our quiet time alone with God every day, but that does not mean that we leave God there and continue with our day.

We take Him with us wherever we go in the form of the Holy Spirit living within us constantly communicating and guiding us in His direction.

We have the ability to talk with God throughout our day. Trials will come, stumbling blocks will happen and we need to reach for God right then, not wait until our prayer time. We need His guidance and direction throughout our days.

Pray without ceasing.

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