You are known by the fruit you bear. Whether it is good or bad, you are known by the fruit you bear. Now what is the fruit? Is it your works for the Lord? Is it what you do each and every day? The answer is yes! Everything you do produces fruit. Everyone you come in to contact with everyday, you leave fruits. Good or bad – you make an impression on people – that is fruit.

Here is the good news. If you give bad fruit, you have the opportunity to change that. You have the opportunity to turn that situation into good. If you left someone with bad fruit, turn around go back and apologize. They may not fully understand why you are apologizing, but it will stick in their mind. They will think about how you humbled yourself and thought enough of them to come back.

We can be a light for Jesus just by bearing good fruit each and every day. Get out in the world and bear good fruit. Show the world the love of Jesus.

You will be known!

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