God gives a peace that surpasses all understanding. He is the only one that can make it well with your soul. You cannot fix things by yourself. You cannot clean yourself up enough. When you have turmoil in your life all you have to do is turn to God.

That seems like the last thing we do. We try to clean up our messes. Yes, we need to admit when we have made a mistake and make amends for that mistake, but we have to realize that we do not do it alone.

We all mess up, we all sin, we are all flesh. It is what we do afterward that matters. Turn from your sin and turn back to God. His heart hurts for you. He wants you to turn to Him. He is waiting to give you peace, to forgive your sins. He cannot do that unless you let Him.

Take a moment, deep breath, now speak to God from your heart. Admit that you need His help. Ask for His forgiveness. Turn your life to God. Do you feel that? Peace.

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